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Argon WiiU ModChip For playing roms and isos on Wii U you need to have the console unlocked. This process is also known as modding or chipping the console. When the video game console is chipped and modded it will take copied BluRay and DVD DL game discs without checking if it is the original or not. Also running game isos form external HDD is possible. pro controllerAnd as for every Nintendo console before you can install Emulators of classic video game roms. (GameBoy, NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, SEGA, PlayStation, Game Cube and even DreamCast) To do this you need Argon WiiU Mod Chip is truly innovative in the programming sense by introducing the Multifunctional Jtag. This mod chip is made up of an ACTEL chip that can be re-programmed using different firmware. However, the downside to this is that the JTAG update still needs an external programmer for this work. Meanwhile, the flexibility that comes with the Argon Mod chip allows developers to change the chip code completely. This is something that is not possible with the other mod chips.

WiiU softmods and BR emulator chips

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The Argon has been used by the WiiU D2C systems without any problems because of its Unique firmware that consists 13 threads. Keep in mind that the JTAG programming can still work even if the chip is not installed. This is great news for resellers who wanted to have an up-to-date stocks since they can program the stocks without any help. The firmware available for the Aragon Nintendo WiiU Mod Chip is the Aragon SPI Wasabus 2.1 Firmware for the D2C2 and D2C with 9 wires or code injection. Here are some of the features of this mod chip.

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The Aragon WiiU Mod Chip is compatible with all D2C WII boards and this includes the G2C D1A! This mod chip has a 13-wire connection where 3 of these wires are designated for Imports Games that is supported by the firmware 1.3. It can be updated 100% by using the on board JTAG connector and has multiple disc as well as silver games support.
Another advantage of the Aragon over its competitors is the Partial regional patch that work 80% on the games are supported by the firmware.

Waninkoko's cIOS36

cIOS means Custom IOS. The in-built firmware of the Wii is IOS and using this Waninkoko’s custom version you can unlock many Wii’s hardware components (for example, the USB ports). Though the installation of this application is not very easy, but it will surely let your Wii open up to lots of advanced hacks (for example, you can hook your Wii to a USB Hard Drive).